Student Rotation Projects 2024

Dmytro Kolisnyk: 1D Analogue of the Fröhlich Polaron Model

Student Rotation Projects 2023

Oleksii Kolupaiev: Multi-resolvent local laws for deformed Wigner matrices
Yiting Wang: Invertibility of Random Matrices

Student Rotation Projects 2022

Volodymyr Riabov: Central Limit Theorem for Mesoscopic Linear Eigenvalue Statistics of Wigner-type Matrices

Student Rotation Projects 2021

Asbjørn Bækgaard Lauritsen: Jellium and the Uniform Electron Gas in 2 Dimensions
Joscha Henheik: The BCS Critical Temperature at High Density
Kevin Koegler: Largest Eigenvalue of Rank one Perturbation of Gaussian ensemble
Asbjørn Bækgaard Lauritsen: The Vector Dyson equation for a class of skew-triangular block matrices
Jana Reker: On the operator norm of a Hermitian random matrix with correlated entries
Joscha Henheik: Semicircle law for Wigner matrices and random matrices with weak but long range correlation
Yunzhe Li: Analysis of Heisenberg Ferromagnets

Student Rotation Projects 2020

Barbara Roos: An Upper Bound for the ground state energy of dilute 2D Bose gas
Alice Marveggio: Asymptotic Behavior of the Smallest Eigenvalue of a Schroedinger-Type Operator with Coulomb Potential
Morris Brooks: The Polaron model with cut-off in the strong coupling regime

Student Rotation Projects 2019

Mikhail Maslov: An Upper Bound for the Energy Spectrum of Hard-Core Bosonic Lattice Gases
Pietro Brighi: Review on anyons
Krzysztof Mysliwy: The ground state energy of the strongly coupled polaron in free space -lower bound, revisited

Student Rotation Projects 2018

Dario Feliciangeli: Free energy in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model
Tibor Dome: The QR-algorithm with Random Data: Complexity and Tracy-Widom Universality

Student Rotation Projects 2017

Giorgio Cipolloni:Entanglement entropy for fermions in a magnetic field
Dario Feliciangeli:Existence and uniqueness of minimizers for the nonlinear Hartee equation
Lorenzo Portinale:A PDE approach to random matching problems

Student Rotation/Internship Projects 2015

Johannes Alt:The Local Semicircle Law for Random Matrices with a Fourfold Symmetry
Simon Mayer:Representation theory & the Hubbard model
Johannes Alt:An analogue of the Lieb-Thirring inequality for positive temperature in d = 1
Johannes Alt:Gaussian noise stability and Gaussian isoperimetric inequality
Matilda Peruzzo:Majorana fermions in superconducting chains
David Hruska:A short trip to random matrices
Dominik Fokert:Large Graphs and Graph Limits

Student Rotation Projects 2014

Krisztof Huszar: Szemerédi’s Theorem via Ergodic Theory
Anton Nikitenko: Introduction to Free Probability
Simon Mayer:The Vlasov equation & mean field limit of a particle system
Thomas Moser:The Bethe Ansatz and the Heisenberg Ferromagnet
Stephan Zhechev:An algebraic approach to some models in the KPZ “Universality class”