Academic Year 2015/16

August 24, 2015 at 3pmPierre Germain (New York University)On the derivation of the kinetic wave equation
August 31, 2015 at 4pmSteve Zelditch (Northwestern University)Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian and their nodal sets
September 10, 2015Christian Hainzl (University of Tübingen)BCS-critical temperature in the presence of a constant magnetic field
September 17, 2015Nicolas Rougerie (University Grenoble I)On the mean-field approximation for almost bosonic anyons
September 21, 2015Alexander Strohmaier (Loughborough University)Anomalies in External Gravitational Fields and new Index Theorems
September 22, 2015Giovanni Zanco (University of Pisa)Infinite dimensional methods for path-dependent equations
September 24, 2015Michael ReitererThe Belinski-Khalatnikov-Lifshitz (BKL) scenario in general relativity
October 13, 2015Jonas Luehrman (ETH Zürich)Concentration Compactness for the Critical Maxwell-Klein-Gordon Equation
October 15, 2015August Krueger (Technion)Structure and Dynamics of Noncommutative Solitons: Spectral Theory and Dispersive Estimates
November 5, 2015Christian Sadel (IST Austria)Complex analytic one-frequency cocycles
November 9, 2015Disheng Xu (Diderot University)Density of positive Lyapunov exponents for symplectic cocycles
November 19, 2015Eman Hamza (Cairo University)The Dynamics of Random Quantum Walks and Non-Unitary operators
November 26, 2015Karl-Theodor Sturm (University of Bonn)Super-Ricci flows of metric measure spaces
November 30, 2015Nam Phan Thanh (IST Austria)Macroscopic behavior of Bose gases
December 10, 2015Herbert Spohn (TU Munich)Random Matrix Theory and the dynamics of nonequilibrium interfaces
December 15, 2015Dominik Fokert (IST Austria)Large graphs and limits of graph sequences
December 15, 2015Zhigang Bao (IST Austria)Local law of addition of random matrices
December 16, 2015Matilda Peruzzo (IST Austria)Majorana fermions in superconducting chains
January 11, 2016Misha Lemeshko (IST Austria)Rotation of quantum impurities in the presence of a many-body environment
January 14, 2016Peter Zoller (University of Innsbruck)Quantum Simulation with Cold Atoms and Ions
January 18, 2016Renato Renner (ETH Zürich)How much work does it cost to process information?
January 21, 2016Marcin Napiorkowski (IST Austria)Bosonic quadratic Hamiltonians and Bogoliubov transformations
February 11, 2016Burak Sahinoglu (University of Vienna)Tensors in Quantum Matter
February 22, 2016Mathias Beiglböck (TU Wien)The geometry of Skorokhod embedding
March 3, 2016Birger Brietzke (University of Copenhagen)The Lee-Huang-Yang formula for dilute Bose gases
March 7, 2016Guilherme Silva (KU Leuven)The mother body phase transition in the normal matrix model
March 10, 2016Ion Nechita (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, Toulouse)Random quantum channels and additivity violations
March 17, 2016Ulisse Stefanelli (University of Vienna)Carbon geometries as minimizers
April 14, 2016Daniel Virosztek (TU Budapest)Continuous Jordan triple endomorphisms and preservers of the relativistic sum
April 14, 2016Máté Gerencsér (University of Edinburgh)SPDEs with non-smooth coefficients in divergence form
April 21, 2016Nam Phan Thanh (IST Austria)Nonexistence in the liquid drop model and TFDW theory
May 2, 2016Patrik Ferrari (University of Bonn)On time correlations for KPZ growth in one dimension
May 9, 2016Nikos Zygouras (University of Warwick)High temperature limits of disordered systems
May 11, 2016Peter Nejjar (ENS Paris) Mondi 2 at 11amIndependence and Critical Scalings at Shocks in TASEP and Last Passage Percolation
May 19, 2016Milan Mosonyi (TU Munich)Operator distinguishability measures in quantum information theory
May 23, 2016Yann Brenier (CNRS, CMLS, Ecole Polytechnique)Large deviations, optimal transport and newtonian gravitation
June 7, 2016Peter Pickl (LMU Munich) at 3pmDerivation of the Vlasov equation
June 9, 2016Giacomo di Gesù (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech)Thermically activated barrier crossing: from Langevin’s equation to a renormalized SPDE
June 16, 2016Filip Rindler (University of Warwick)On the structure of PDE-constrained measures and applications
July 7, 2016Alexander Mielke (Weierstrass Institute, Berlin)